Friday, November 15, 2013

Cade and the Giant Hog


 At just ten years old, young Cade has already become an avid outdoorsman. Hailing from New Iberia, Cade was brought up to have a great respect for the outdoors and the sportsman’s way of life.

Cade and his hunting party headed for Alabama for a weekend hunt. Cade got dressed in his waterproof Oilfield Camo Jacket and cap, prepared to take down a Big Bama Pig. Despite his small size, little Cade was able to bag this HUGE wild hog that gives Cade a run for his money in size! Congrats to Cade on an awesome harvest!

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Buddy Ro’s Big Pig Blowout

Buddy1Team Oilfield Camo was able to check in with the Man, the Myth, the Legend… Buddy Ro from Bayou Bucks Magazine. When buddy isn’t setting the world on fire for the guys over at Bayou Bucks, you can bet that he’s out in the woods, tracking down something while wearing his Oilfield Camo gear!

On this particular hunt, Buddy’s unfortunate prey was wild hogs. Buddy had his “Dirty Thirty” locked and loaded when this unfortunate 155lb wild sow walked into his crosshairs. Without a second though, Buddy took the shot, hitting her dead in the heart and dropping her in her tracks. Luckily, he had headed out that day on his ATV. It would have been a much different hunt if he’d had to drag this big pig all the way back to camp.

Great job, Buddy! And thanks for sharing your awesome hunt with us! KEEP DRILLING!!!

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Reels and Recreation


In the Oilfield Camo Nation, sometimes it’s tough to get away from the job. Whether you’re looking for some time to spend with the family, or a trip to toss a couple of lines away from the everyday grind… We appreciate the down time that we often have to put to the side to get the hard work done. For this week’s Trophy of the Week, Vince and his buddies got the opportunity to put some work on the back burner and get a little bit of fishing in. It may not be the biggest bite he’s ever had at the end of a line, but trip away from the job site is a success on its own.

Congrats, Vince, and KEEP DRILLING!!!

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Lance’s Pheasant Harvest Weekend

Oilfield Camo is proud to display a trophy that is a new one for us here on the site. We’ve had everything from coyotes to giant snapping turtles here in the trophy section, but this is out very first entrant showing off the harvest of a great Texas pheasant hunt!


This week’s Trophy of the Week comes to us from Lance Dronet, out in Mingus Texas. Lance had the opportunity to book a once in a lifetime hunt at the Greystone Castle Sporting Club, and Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting Resort!

Lance bagged a number of pheasants and other stalked birds, making his hunt one to remember!

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Team OFC’s Frank Foster Bags a Double Gobbler


We know Frank Foster, the musician. We know Frank Foster, the Oilfield Man. And we know Frank Foster, the outdoorsman. When Frank isn’t on the road rocking a town near you, and isn’t in the Gulf helping fuel the country, he tries to spend as much time in the great outdoors as possible. Finding some free time, Frank was able to bag these two longbeards in just two days! To make the harvest even sweeter, the second turkey he took down had a double beard! Definitely not something that a hunter sees every day!

A HUGE shout out to Frank for living the Oilfield Camo way of life! Work hard, hunt harder, and KEEP DRILLING!!!

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Flipping for Bedded Bass in Toledo Bend

The weather looks like it’s finally starting to warm up here in the Oilfield Camo Nation, even if just a little bit. That means the fish freaks are finally able to take to the rivers, lakes, and creeks and toss a few lines with hopes of a bite. This week’s Trophy of the Week comes to us from local guy, Chase, who is as passionate about fishing and hunting as he is about cooking. I guess they don’t call him “Chef Bowfreak” for nothing! In his own words, Chase tells us about his trip to Toledo Bend where he managed to land his largest bass to date!

“Saturday morning was the first time on the lake this year, and I got with my buddy to do some sight fishing cause the bass were moving up on the beds. When it comes to sight fishing for bedded bass, Bruce is the man to have in your boat. We saw this fish in about 3' of water on the edge of a deep creek channel and put the power pole down. He flipped a couple of times with a black and red tube and got her mad and ready to eat the next thing that touched her bed. I pitched in, bounced the tube a couple of times, and that big sow inhaled the jig and thats when I set back on her and the fight was on. She took a little while to turn but managed to get her in the net waiting at the boat. She weighed in at 6.74lbs and is my biggest bass to date. This technique for catching big fish is one for the very patient, cause sometimes it will take over an hour to make them eat. Just another great day on Toledo Bend Reservior with my oilfield camo gear!”

Great job, Chase! Thanks for sharing the great story with us. We are proud to have been part of your biggest bass trophy to date! KEEP DRILLING!!!


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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Le Pain Quotidien Now Accepting Applications! (Calabasas, Encino, Studio City)

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